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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Quick Moment to Share a Giggle from the Classroom

As I introduced myself to a self-contained class of special needs children awhile ago, one child looked at me with a big smile and asked, "Can I call you Muffin?"  I  could not figure out why she would want to call me "Muffin," but I responded, "Well, my name is Ms. Popoff so I prefer you call me that."

But I seemed an odd connection. She was absent for the next couple of days of my residency. When she returned later in the week, I asked her why she posed the request but that had been days ago and she did not remember and was not overly interested in the question any longer. So I just let it go as one of those funny moments that kids gift us with in and out of school.

Later, I told the story to a friend, who responded with a big smile, "Poppin' Fresh!"

One more mystery of the universe is resolved...

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